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Real Human Hair Wigs Inverted And Natural Color

Real Human Hair Wigs Inverted And Natural Color

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Product information:
Wig length: medium and long hair
Can be dyed and ironed: Can be dyed
Hair material: real hair
Applicable skin tone: any skin tone
Applicable face shape: any face shape
Bangs type: long bangs
Cosmetic properties: natural
Color: 8A 8inch, 8A 10inch, 8A 12inch, 8A 14inch, 8A 16inch, 8A 18inch, 8A 20inch, 8A 22inch, 8A 24inch, 8A 26inch, 8A 28inch, 8A 30inch, 8inch closure, 10inch closure, 12inch closure, 14inch closure, 16inch Closure,18inch closure,20inch closure,8inch frontal,10inch frontal,12inch frontal,14inch frontal,16inch frontal,18inch frontal,20inch frontal,10A 10inch,10A 12inch,10A 14inch,10A 16inch,10A 18inch,10A 20inch,10A 22inch ,10A 24inch,10A 26inch

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